A D O C   D 3 0

Welcome to the communications revolution.The new ADOC D30 integrates audio, video and application systems to get the most out of your company's communications.

The complete ADOC D30 solution includes 4G connectivity to be able to use your fixed device without installation, a front and rear camera to make your professional video calls and a removable 8″ touch screen to enjoy unlimited mobility.

Data sheet

4G connectivity

Android 10

8” screen

GMS certification

Casesof use

Main features

First enterprise device certified by Google to offer maximum performance and usability thanks to Google services.Enjoy maximum audio quality for your calls thanks to VoLTE and VoWifi services

Light andmanageable

185 mm

270 mm

180 mm


Yes, it is GMS certified, therefore it includes all Google services, including the Play Store. We can install any Android application available in the Play Store or through its apk.

A nanoSIM card will be inserted into the SIM holder inside the tablet. This allows us to be able to make calls and have a data connection anywhere when the tablet is removed from the support.

Yes, we are registered in Zero Touch as Google partnerships so you can use Zerotouch’s own MDM or do a massive enrollment in any corporate MDM.

The keyboard has a charging port to connect the charger, so we can charge the tablet by placing it on its stand. It also has a type-C port to directly charge the tablet when it is not placed on the keyboard stand.

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