FWP Phones

Thanks to its mobile connectivity, you will have 100% mobility when using your terminal, thus offering the best solution for teleworking. Simply insert your SIM card and you can use your terminal wherever you want. All the comfort of mobile solutions but with the appearance of fixed terminals.

Wireless phones

Our range of wireless terminals is made up of light and user-friendly devices, integrating the knowledge and technology of an experienced work team that has developed this product with commitment and dedication. Taking care of every detail, step by step we have integrated the different elements to finally obtain devices that offer the customer high performance as well as optimal quality. They are the perfect solution for your communications both at home and in business environments where extra mobility is needed. In addition, we have added a senior phone with an SOS button to this range, aimed mainly at our elders.

Voice boxes

Our voice boxes are the perfect solution for users who want to continue using their current landline, thanks to the conversion of the mobile signal into a landline. Compatible with the telecare service with which you can connect a telecare device to protect the elderly, allowing the peace of mind that your loved ones will have immediate assistance. Just insert a SIM card inside and turn it on to have an FXS port and connect your analog terminal or telecare terminal anywhere without installation.


Enjoy your favorite content with our ADOC tablets. Comfortable and ergonomic design, ideal for both professional and leisure use. Enjoy your favorite applications on our tablets; They have Google services, so you can download them from the Google Playstore application store.


Our headphones are the perfect combination to use with your usual devices. They provide a unique experience both professionally and personally. Choose the option that suits you best, wired device as well as wireless if mobility is required.


Thanks to ADOC routers, you can connect to the Internet from anywherethanks to its SIM card slot, either from your usual residence or second home.All of them are ideal for both private and business environments.We always develop devices according to the latest technologies.A perfect example of this is our ADOC R50 router, with support for 5G mobile connectivity as well as Wi-Fi 6.

Mobility solutions

At ADOC we offer you our range of electric chargers for both residential use with 7kW single-phase chargers with a lightweight and compact design, and for professional use with 11kW and 22kW three-phase solutions. Thanks to the integration of advanced functionalities, this solution adapts to all types of clients.

100% Spanish design

We try to include in our catalog products with innovative designs providing added value.


We control the entire manufacturing process guaranteeing the quality of all our products.

Professional team

We detect the deficiencies of the sector and carry out a brainstorm for the development of the product.