A D O C   H 3

ADOC H3 with technology2G and 3G, is the solutionmore competitive inof our family ofFWP-terminal.

This model offers the versatility of orienting it to public environments, such as hotels, thanks to specific software with a security system suitable for this type of user (such as restricted access to the menu, protection of personal data, etc.); or business environment with software with all the features for use in professional environments.

You can make your calls in a comfortable and efficient way using wireless headphones through Bluetooth®, or wired through the Jack 3.5 connector.

Data sheet

2G and 3G networks

3.5 jack connector

3.5” screen

Speed ​​Dial

casesof use

main features

Thanks to the 10 speed dial keys, you can instantly call your favorite contacts. You can configure both the quick memories or reset the phone to factory settings through an SMS with the remote configuration system.

Light andmanageable

195 mm

190 mm

165 mm


By default, in our ADOC H3 the client would not be able to make changes to the settings (only the administrator through code)

Respecting the LOPD, no personal data of the client will be linked to the terminal.

Simple and intuitive use. In addition, it has self-ignition by charging and PIN code saving, so it would simply be to go to your room and have your ADOC H3 fully operational.

To prevent theft and theft, ADOC H3 has a security screw on the battery cover (thus also protecting the SIM card), as well as a security slot to anchor the terminal.

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