A D O C   T 1 0

ADOC T10, designed and manufactured with the same passion as all our products.It offers a reliable user experience with its 10.1-inch screen and Android operating system.

Thanks to its 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, you will have both voice and mobile data anywhere. Simply insert your SIM card and you can use connectivity on your tablet wherever you want.
You will be able to connect to a 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network to use your applications with internet access. It also has the possibility of providing an internet access point through the hotspot functionality.
Great autonomy thanks to its 5,000 mAh battery. Work, learn and play with a tablet built to last.

Data sheet

4G connectivity

Android 11

10,1” screen

GMS certification

Casesof use

Main features

With its large 10.1″ touch screen you can enjoy both your favorite applications and your content, and thanks to the Android 11 operating system with Google Mobile Services you can install applications through the Google Play Store.It includes a 5 Mpx rear camera and a 2 Mpx front camera for photos or video calls.

Light andmanageable

173 mm

244 mm

9,3 mm


Yes, we can put a SIM card in our ADOC T10 tablet to enjoy voice over data wherever we want.
Pull out the side tray, lay down your NanoSIM card and re-insert the tray in the same direction.

Yes. Our ADOC T10 has Google services and Android 11 (updatable).
Enjoy your usual Google content (Gmail, Maps, YouTube, etc) and install your favorite applications from the Google Play Store.

Yes, we are registered in Zero Touch as Google partnerships so you can use Zerotouch’s own MDM or do a massive enrollment in any corporate MDM.

Yes, by having a SIM card slot, we have the possibility of enjoying both voice and mobile data (in addition to Wi-Fi).
Therefore, we could enjoy both calls and video calls from anywhere

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