A D O C   V 1

Our new voice box is the perfect solution for users who want to continue using their current landline, thanks to the conversion of the 2G mobile signal into a fixed line (FXS).

Just insert a SIM card inside and turn it on to have an FXS port and connect your analog terminal or telecare terminal anywhere without installation.

Data sheet

2G connectivity

2,100mAh battery

Support SMS

Telecare compatible

Casesof use

Main features

Compatible with the Telecare service with which you can connect a telecare device to protect the elderly, allowing the peace of mind that your loved ones will have immediate assistance.

Light andmanageable

116 mm

146 mm

31 mm


Our ADOC V1 voice box converts a 2G mobile signal to a fixed line (FXS).
It is ideal for environments where it is required to use an analog terminal without having a fixed line installed.
In addition to residential use, it is compatible with telecare services as well as for certain work environments such as workshops.

In any place where it is necessary to use an analog terminal without a fixed installation (such as a construction booth). Also in workshops where the noise is high, we can connect a siren or a light signal, to know when we are called. Other use cases can be backups for elevators, connecting an alarm, etc…

With its 2,100 mAh battery, we have an autonomy of approximately 24 hours.
In the event of a power failure, our ADOC V1 would continue to work.
ADOC V1 has an internal antenna for great signal reception, even indoors.

Simply insert your SIM card and connect your device to use ADOC V1.
We have 5 LED status indicators and, in addition, thanks to the reproduction of voice commands through its analog terminal,
you can configure your voice box in a simple and intuitive way