A D O C   H C 0 1

Our headphones are ideal for both business use, whether for offices or call centers, as well as for personal use such as residential or gaming. Enjoy a totally comfortable experience with our ADOC HC01 headphones.

Conecta y disfruta de tus HC01 al instante, sin complicaciones, con diadema ajustable y almohadilla de piel para una mayor comodidad y un ajuste perfecto.

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Mono headphones

Noise canceller

1.5m cord

Quick disconnect

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Main features

The ADOC HC01 headphones can be used both with ADOC devices and with devices from other brands that have a 3.5 jack connector.Enjoy a high quality product, great compatibility and easy use,


Our ADOC HC01 headphones fit perfectly thanks to their adjustable headband and leather cushion for a totally comfortable experience.

In addition, they are very light (80g) which provides extra comfort.

Compatibility with equipment that has a 3.5 jack, whether ADOC or other brands.

They include CTIA and OMTP adapters, so you will have maximum compatibility with any device.

You can control the volume increase or decrease from the Volume key itself built into the cable itself.

It also has a Mute key to be able to mute the microphone of your headphones at any time.

“Plug & Play”. Connect your ADOC HC01 headphones and enjoy a fast and comfortable audio experience, without configuration.

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