A D O C   K 4

Based on the same simple and ergonomic design of our ADOC K1, we launched our new ADOC K4 terminal with 4G technology.

Thanks to this 4G technology and a chipset with better features, we offer a terminal with high audio quality thanks to its compatibility with VoLTE and HD voice, thus improving the user experience.
With Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity, you can manage your calls through a wireless headset and share content with other devices.

Data sheet

2G, 3G and 4G networks

3.5 jack connector

2.4” screen

Support VoLTE

Casesof use

Main features

Manage your calls quickly and efficiently using the dedicated call functionality keys, to put a call on hold, make transfers, merge calls to set up a conference or mute your microphone.

Light andmanageable

48 mm

135 mm

16 mm


The SIM card is placed inside the device. To do this, slide the back cover and insert your NanoSIM card into the corresponding slot in the direction indicated on the label.

Then insert the battery and slide the back cover back to close

Go to Settings -> Bluetooth and search for the device you want to pair with (make sure it’s in discoverable mode). Once you select them, they will be linked and you can use them.

You will be able to import or export contacts to your terminal through a SIM card or even share them through bluetooth. To do this, access contacts and press menu to access the option to import/export your contacts. Then follow the indicated steps.

To hold, during an active call press the key  , and press again to retrieve.

To make a second call, press Options > New call and dial the phone. You can transfer the call by pressing .

Finally, with one call active and one on hold, press to establish the conference call

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