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Thanks to its 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, you will have 100% mobility when using your terminal, thus offering the best solution for teleworking. Simply insert your SIM card and you can use your terminal wherever you want.

With its 5″ touch screen you can manage your terminal directly with your finger, and thanks to the Android Open Source operating system (version 10), you can install applications through its apks to improve your performance and competitiveness in your communications.

Data sheet

2G, 3G and 4G networks

HDvoice and VoLTE

5” screen

Speed ​​Dial

Casesof use

Main features

It includes a high-performance 5 MPx camera and Bluetooth® 4.1 connectivity, thus offering a perfect solution to hold your meetings through video calls.You can connect to a Wi-Fi network to use your applications with internet access, or provide a backup internet access point for your company through the hotspot functionality.

Light andmanageable

195 mm

196 mm

165 mm


You can install applications through their APK files. Simply go to the desired web to download the application (or trusted web), download and install that application. Note: You may need to allow installation from “unknown sources” in your browser.

Press the M key to display the list of speed dial keys on the screen. To set up a speed dial key, select a memory and either select a previously saved contact or dial a new number. To speed dial, simply access the screen (by pressing M or by swiping the home screen to the right) and tap on the contact you want to call.

With this feature, you can generate a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. In Settings -> Network & Internet -> Advanced -> Hotspot, select Wi-Fi hotspot. Slide the switch to activate Internet Sharing. You can modify the name of the network and its access password.

Simply go to Menu -> Mail, insert your email address and password. Select a service from the lists and follow the instructions to complete the setup. You could also download your preferred email manager via APK, in case you want to use another one other than the default one.

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