You can configure these keys with the 4 numbers that you call most frequently, and just by pressing the memory key, you will call directly without having to search for the number in the phonebook or having to dial all the numbering.

How can we configure them?

Well, we will have the following options:

1) If the keys are not previously configured, just by clicking on one of them, the configuration menu will open in order to save the number in each key.

2) Within the main menu, select the option Speed Dial    to access the configuration menu.

  1. A simple way to not bother you at night or simply to save battery to your K1 terminal, it would be activating the auto off and auto on, so that it automatically turns off at night and turns on automatically in the morning.To activate it, follow the following tips:Enter the main menu, and follow the following sequence: Settings -> Phone settings -> Auto power on.
  2. Press OK to set the time and the times the process will repeat both the auto on and the auto off.